Why Social Media should be part of your SEO strategy

David Mitchell

David Mitchell

GENERAL MANAGER @ PinkSquare.Media David completed his advanced level 3 diploma in Creative media with full Distinction in 2018. He has worked with the company from early 2017.
"Social media plays a role in today’s effort to rank well in search results." Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Social media and SEO are not often put together when you consider the ranking of your website. This is still highly debated in 2020 and many still believe there is very little correlation between the two. Here at PinkSquare Media, we have decided to put our nose into the debate and discuss some things we have noticed while doing our research.


The majority of Social media profiles are often crawled by search engine bots. This means, for example, your business page on Facebook can be found on google. This might not be a direct link to your website but if you have put your website URL on your business page then it is another way of accessing your site. 

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Whether the URL for your website on your business social media page is a follow or no follow, the URL is still there. This means traffic can go through to your website and more traffic means potential for a better Search Engine Rank Position (SERP). Backlinks are not always about being a follow or no-follow. If it’s a link then people can access your website. And this is GOOD!

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When you write a blog or share a post, your followers, hashtags and pins can have an impact on your website ranking. The more it gets shared, the more people comment then the more people will see, read or watch your content on your website. The more people who are looking at you, the more Google will like it. Especially since social media provides you with the engagement of people who are interested in you or similar interests. Again the backlink probably won’t class as a direct follow link for search engine bots, but I think you’re starting to understand that this is not always the important part of a backlink. As long ago as 2008 Google said, “…Google understands that you’d like to let others know about the hard work that you’ve put into your content. Effectively promoting your new content will lead to faster discovery by those who are interested in the same subject.” Therefore shouting about your business on social media is GOOD!

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Bounce Rate

People may also be worried that sharing a blog on social media will increase their bounce rate. Yes, it can! Bounce rates become a problem when the user goes on to your website and then comes back of it again straight away. Google begins to think that your content is not interesting or not associated with the topic and will reduce your SERP because of this. However, if the user is on the same page for 2-3 minutes and reads your article then Google isn’t going to penalise you for this. You can also use your blog to direct people to different blogs or points of interest. This can keep them on your website and actually reduce your bounce rate. So just make sure your blog is relevant to the title and your business. Remember – Content is king.

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Bounce Rate and Session time need to be considered


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As with any social media posting, consistency is key. An active social media account is a good indicator that you are still in business. You want to demonstrate that your social media accounts are active and reliable. Social Media likes businesses that are active, this in turn means they will show you to more audiences. This in turn means you get potentially more traffic.

More Backlinks

Get into the habit of putting a link to your website on your posts. This means that any product or service you’re talking about can have a direct link available to your potential customer without them having to go to your social media profile to find a link. Again, this will probably not be classified as a “follow” link but I think you are getting the gist here about the link between SEO and Social Media.

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Overall, Social Media might not offer you direct “follow” backlinks which affect SEO but indirectly provide your business with more avenues of traffic to your website, which is another indicator for SERP and good SEO. Obviously there is more to SEO than a good social media campaign but whichever way you look at it, Social Media definitely has an impact on your SEO. That is why our latest SEO packages have incorporated social media posting.


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