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David Mitchell

David Mitchell

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"I save more time by making time to update my FAQ page" Amir Rhabi

Here at PinkSquare Media, we have compiled the ultimate guide to Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).


How should I layout my questions?

There are a few ways you can organise your FAQs. 

> Firstly you can just list them in a question and answer format. In other words, write the question and answer it underneath. This is not too bad if you only have a small list of questions. If there are too many questions and answers then it might become boring for customers who have to scroll all the way through it.

> List the questions and link them to the answer on the same page. This means when people click the question it will auto-scroll down the page to the answer. Questions are easy to find, there is no need to scroll through answers to other questions you are not interested in and there is no additional load time to read the answer.

> You can also set it out using a toggle bar. This means you can have all the questions listed and then click on the question for it to appear below. It has similar benefits to “List the questions and link them to the answer on the same page” but we just think it looks nicer.

> List the questions and link them to the answer on a different page. This is probably the most common way of listing your FAQs. This is great if you have a long list of questions. It also helps you monitor your most popular FAQs. You will also have a higher chance of Google using them in the “People also asked” section. However, people may get annoyed about going back and forth to different pages if they are looking for more than one answer.

As you get more questions, you should put them under different sectional headings to help navigation. You may also want to consider a search bar at some point for people to find your answers quicker.

We think an FAQ page is one of the most important pages for a website. Read more about must have pages for your website.

Have any more questions? feel free to leave a comment and we will answer the best we can.

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