10 graphic design tips

So you want a new logo, or you’re trying your hand at creating a leaflet. Getting it right can be hard. Here is a top ten of things you should do when creating some graphic design, images or logos for your business.

Create a mood board

First and probably the most important is to do your research. Look into what other businesses are doing that are similar to your business. A mood board will allow you to collect information, colours, styles that you can then incorporate into your design. They are really easy to do and can be created on free websites such as Canva.

Font, font, font!!!! Actually just one font

Your font needs to be easily readable. Mixing too many fonts becomes difficult for the reader’s eyes. I strongly recommend just using one font and using different types from the font family, such as bold, italic or light. The type of font you use also sends a message.

Fonts with rounded edges usually look more friendly, hard-edged geometric fonts (sans serifs) give you a solid and strong look while serifs (curly) convey an elegant and sophisticated look. findmyfont is a software that identifies different types of font that you can scan images and it will find your font. 

Colours or no colours

Colours should reflect what your business is about. If you’re a counsellor, for example, you might want to consider using calming colours such as light blues and greens. Research what message you want to express and look into how colours help portray that message. On the other hand, using black or white text can be useful when your background is a colour. This can still help your branding or logo stand out.

A jump to the left, then a step to the right

Alignment! Making sure everything is lined correctly can make all the difference. The eye’s like symmetry so if it is set up correctly peoples eyes will be drawn to it instantly. Also if you are using several images, make sure you place them into correct shaped grids to make them stand out.

Icon or not

A well-made icon can become your branding. Let’s be honest, when you think of logos it’s usually an icon that strikes in your mind first. The McDonalds arches or the Nike tick often comes to my mind when I think of this. If you do want an icon, again, do some research but don’t follow the crowd. Be as unique as possible. Also simple is better.

Size matters


Sub Heading

Paragraph text size

Whatever you are trying to get across, you need to consider the size of your text. Your main message should be the largest, then your sub-heading and then your blurb.

Canvas size

You should really get into the habit of pixel sizes (px) rather than cm or mm. Most of your graphic design will probably be used for social media, or on your website. You need to consider where it is going. If you are posting on social media you want the image to be HD quality so the height should be at least 1080px. If it’s for your website, consider where it is going and adjust the sizing accordingly. You don’t want the image to be too big as it will affect your website loading speed.

Be consistent

If you are producing a booklet or pamphlet, make sure you are using the same font, alignment and colours throughout each page. Being consistent shows professionalism and is easy on the eye.

Take a break

Always walk away from your work and stop looking at the computer for a while. You will notice when you get back the little things that don’t look right. You should always look at it from different angles as well.

Throw it in the bin

Yes, I am serious! Take your first attempt and get rid of it. You will have still been experimenting during this process and it will not be right. Don’t ever say “that’ll do”. This is your business, if it doesn’t look right, it isn’t right.

This will hopefully give you an idea of how to get going with your graphic design. If you want professional help then we are available to provide you with graphic design for social media, leaflets, booklets, pamphlets, business cards and more. 

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