4 Ways To Utilise Your Contact Page Properly

When asked to think of a well designed webpage, we can guarantee that your mind doesn’t wander to a ‘contact us’ page. 

These pages are often pushed aside and can therefore end up looking outdated, despite the polished design of the rest of the website.

This can then become a very costly mistake, as it can deter customers from wanting to use your website and therefore, your business.

In order to avoid this, there are some steps that you can take, so that you can create the perfect contact page for your business.

Make it accessible

It’s important to ensure that your customers can easily access your contact page. A link to the page needs to be placed in a prominent location on your site, such as the header or footer. 

For example, we have included a link to our ‘contact us’ page in our footer, at the bottom of each page.

Include all of the important details

Although it may appear obvious, it’s vital to reiterate the importance of including all of your business’s information on your contact page. This includes your phone number, address and email address.

Including all of this information on one page makes it easy and convenient for the customer to contact you.

Provide links to your social media pages

Linking your social media pages provides customers with the opportunity to engage with your business. For example, they will be able to like or follow your page, as well as reacting to and commenting on your posts. 

This then enables you to get to know your customers more and potentially develop a more personal relationship with them. It also means that you can advertise and grow your business for free, which is always a bonus!

Include a contact form

Contact forms are a great way to know exactly who you’re talking to. An average contact form contains mandatory fields for the customer’s name, phone number and email address.

There is then the option to add additional fields, such as country, town, postcode or even a message box, which allows the customer to briefly explain their reason for contacting you.


There’s no exact formula for how to create the perfect contact page, as it all depends on the nature of each individual business and your customer’s needs. However, the steps listed above will help you to create a basic layout for your contact page, which can then be tailored personally to your business.

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What do you think makes a great contact page? Let us know in the comments.




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