10 Free Advertising Tips for Your Business

It’s important to note that not all advertising for your business needs to be expensive. There are many ways to get your business out there without spending a penny. Here are 10 tips on how to advertise for free, whether you’re a small, large or local business.

#1 Create a business page on Facebook

facebook advertising with PinkSquare Media Ads Management ServicesFacebook is a great way to reach both small and large communities. ⅔ of Facebook users visit a local business page every week (Hootsuite, January 2021), proving that it isn’t just large companies who are noticed. By creating a business page, you’re able to put all your essential information – address, phone number, website, email address, opening hours etc – in one place. It’s also an easy way for customers to leave reviews of your business.

#2 Create an account/page on Linkedin

Linkedin is the best place to connect with business professionals and potential employees, as well as customers. Whether you’re wanting to sell a certain product or service, advertise for a job or just generally promote your business, Linkedin makes it really easy to connect with people within your targeted industry. There are 55 million companies on Linkedin (Hootsuite, January 2021), which allows you to reach both consumers and businesses alike. 

Instagram advertising with PinkSquare Media Ads Management Services#3 Create a business page on Instagram

Instagram has many features that allow you to effectively advertise your business free to different communities. The app now has a free shopping feature that allows companies to create a customisable storefront, an in-app shopping destination and use product tags. 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts each month (Hootsuite, January 2021), proving that it’s a really easy and effective way to attract potential customers.

#4 Create an account on TikTok

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular and influential social media platforms for advertising. For example, beverage company Ocean Spray received 15 billion media impressions on TikTok (Hootsuite, May 2021), after a video featuring their drink went viral. This then caused a huge rise in reach and sales, proving just how powerful TikTok can be when it comes to free visual advertising. Packaging and transformation videos produced by companies have also proved to be popular amongst viewers.

#5 Link your social media pages on your website

Your website is your digital hub and providing links to your social media pages on there helps you to create a strong online presence. Not only does it allow you to gain an extra credibility check from a customer’s point of view, but it also allows you to differentiate yourself from other competitors by showcasing your company’s work and personality. Your social media pages could be the difference between gaining or losing a potential customer.

#6 Blog on your website

Blogging is a lot more effective for a business than you might think. It allows potential customers to gain an insight into what your business is like and how you differ from your competitors. Writing blog posts also allows you to up your SEO game, as it provides you with an opportunity to use more keywords and phrases that are related to your business. By doing this, potential customers are more likely to come across your website when conducting a Google search. Blogging doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be a chore. Enjoy the writing process and be proud of sharing your knowledge with potential and current customers.

#7 Use hashtags

Hashtags are beneficial to businesses in many ways. Because they are individually searchable, it means that potential customers can easily find your business on social media. Users can also follow hashtags, meaning that your post could potentially show up on their feed. It’s important to utilise trending hashtags when possible, as this will allow you to get both your posts and business page on people’s timelines, therefore helping you to gain more free exposure.

Google#8 Encourage customers to leave reviews

Reviews are a great way to attract new customers. Because they’re written by people who have previously used your business, new customers are more likely to find reviews trustworthy. 92% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses in order to determine whether they are good or not (Forbes, May 2017), which proves how influential reviews can be. Read or watch our video on how to leave a google review.

#9 Make sure your business listing is up to date on Google

Google My business is free. If you haven’t already done so you should sign your business up to it. This is likely the first thing that potential customers will see when they search for your business so it’s important that all of your information is up to date. Make sure to include photos of your business, your opening hours and your contact details. This is particularly essential if your business has a physical location that customers can attend, as this will help your business to appear on Google Maps.

#10 Interact with people on social media

Interacting on social media with not just customers, but other businesses as well helps to engage people in your business. You can do this by answering questions, offering your expertise and knowledge, and giving support to other businesses. Interacting with others will help to increase your own engagement and therefore gain more exposure for your business. All you need is free time to do it.

Final thought…

So these are our 10 best free advertising tips for your small, large or local business. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to get your business noticed. Free advertising can be just as effective, particularly when you fully utilise your social media accounts. 

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Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips for free advertising, whether it’s for small, large or local businesses. 


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