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Email marketing is an influential dominant marketing channel used to promote your business via email. 


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email marketing

Affordable Email Marketing

At PinkSquare Media we can design an eye-catching fully responsive template on brand to help turn those leads into sales. Our favourite part of the job is to talk to new and different business owners and discuss the passion they have about their companies. It gives us great
pleasure to help our customers be seen and grow. 

This is why we take the time to get to know your brand so when we design your template we know it will fully embody your brand
aesthetics whilst helping to capture the attention of prospective customers.

It’s not however, just all about creating a good looking template but about thinking what your goal is and how to achieve this through the medium of email marketing.

Our initial conversations will be to talk about your business and what it does. Your conversation will give us the necessary guidance to pinpoint your objective and design and send the right campaigns to meet your needs.

email marketing

A poor open rate of your email campaigns?

* A member of the team will be in touch ASAP

Achieve your goals

Our dedicated team will talk you through a marketing strategy utilising any tools that could help boost brand awareness, power conversions or simply keep your customer updated, whether we help you design offers to entice your audience or simply get you seen across a mass platform we can help you achieve your goal

Once we have created and built your template we can start your campaign, this is where the real work starts.

By analysing data and understanding what works for your brand you will have a list of the most top quality leads available at your fingertips . This information is also prime to help you grow your mail list by promoting the offers which have worked the best throughout your campaigns.

Aiming for the best ROI possible

PinkSquare Medias’ team will be with you to help guide you through the whole process and help retrieve the best possible returns for you.

Some of our local clients

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