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Here at PinkSquare Media, we design and build eCommerce and shop websites that your customers will love to visit time and time again.

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We can help ensure your customers recognise your brand and that your brand is giving the message you want to say. We can work with you to ensure that your logo, tagline and domain name fit within your mission statement and you get the relevant audience to your website. You need to do a lot of research to get your branding right.

PinkSquare Media can assist in creating graphics and logos fit for your online shop, the right tag line that fits your business and your products, and can choose a domain name that is relevant to your business and is easy to remember.

We know from our extensive website design experience that the ‘look’ is important but the customer journey is key to eCommerce stores. With Google’s BOTs moving to mobile-first indexing, it goes without saying that your e-commerce website must be mobile responsive. Our responsive websites adapt to different screen sizes, enabling you to offer any visitor the best possible experience on any device. Whether on desktop or mobile, it will represent your store and branding.

Your website needs to take into consideration other factors such as user experience, goals and objectives, your target and retargeting markets, as well as providing a seamless experience from online to in-store.

If users can’t quickly find what they need on your ecommerce site, they’re unlikely to stay on the site long, never come back and you will lose a potential customer. Helpful, easy-to-use navigation is one of the most essential ecommerce website features.

Enchant your current and future customers with crisp visuals and engaging content that will keep them on your eCommerce site and make their journey easy for them to find exactly what they want and make that all important purchase.

All eCommerce websites need to be secure to increase your trust, reputation, reliability and credibility. As well as providing a free SSL certificate, we also provide security and WordPress updates to ensure your website is secure. So not  only do your customers have peace of mind, but so do you as an online business.

Ecommerce Website Features

Your eCommerce store needs to feature the very latest in modern design and be packed with marketing features to increase traffic, improve conversions and generate return on investment (ROI).

Stock Management tools on your ecommerce website

Stock Management

create variable products on your ecommerce website for easier customer use - PinkSquare Media

Variable Products

Custom Payment

Shipping Options

Order Management

Our ecommerce Websites projects

Check out our latest eCommerce projects. This can help you with developing your own ideas and design for your own eCommerce website.

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Our team have created websites for many sectors and industries. We love nothing more than working with companies and sole traders who have unique products, services or qualities to offer.

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“Overall the web is pretty sloppy, but an online store can’t afford to be”

Paul Graham, Co-Founder of Y Combinator

Personal Touch

“Pink square media have been patient and professional with the build of my e-commerce site. Always giving that personal touch. This is now my second web site with the company. The team respond quickly to making changes and always helpful when I have any queries.”

Stephanie Marks

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