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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a piece of string?

A website design price depends on what you want your website to do.

Our brochure websites start from £99 and our Ecommerce sites start from £499.

It’s always best to discuss your exact requirements with a member of our sales team to ensure you are paying for exactly what you want.

The answer is dependable on how big the project is, the level of functionality and how quickly you develop your website content. We will often give you an estimate on time completion when we discuss your requirements.

We can but not usually. Nobody knows your company or project better than you. We expect the customer to create text content and provide us with high-quality images. We will provide you with a template to complete to help you create the right content for each page.

If we need to buy plugins, use complex code or get a specialist then this will be discussed with you and will either be part of your initial contract or will be requested to be paid for as an additional cost.

On occasion, we have been asked to create the whole content and provide images. These are charged separately from the website build.

Your content for your website must be your own work. If it can be found from another source then this is plagiarism and can put you at risk of copyright breach and legal action being taken against you. Where possible you should use your own unique pictures for your business. We can advise on certain websites that you can buy stock images from. If you do use other people’s work then we (as a company) make the assumption that you have gained permission to use this work and we will not be held liable. 

When a website is created it usually takes about 3 months to be found on Google. If you have taken out a management package with us then we will automatically add your website to google analytics and google search and bing search. This will increase the speed of how fast your website is found. We do advise that you take out an SEO package with us to also increase your chance of being found and ranked on Google. However, we do not have any control on search engines so can never guarantee that your website will be found on Google or rank in any position on any search engine.

You will receive one hour of changes to your website a month, we will ensure all security and software updates are completed monthly, as well as ensuring your website is backed up regularly. We will also add analytics to your website and receive a monthly report. You can also arrange a 1-1 a consultation call or meeting with a member of our team letting you know how your website is performing and get advice on how to improve traffic to your website. A half hour meeting can be arranged monthly as part of your contract.

Our lowest price cloud hosting package comes with:-

  • A Cloud Based Server
  • Daily Backups
  • SSL Certificate
  • A Professional Email
  • Technical Management
  • Technical Support

No. A full web page requires a full design, therefore not covered in your monthly management. We add additional pages at our hourly rate of £25 per hour. The cost is dependant on the content of the page.

All website changes should be submitted to our email address at [email protected]. We do not accept web changes via other forms of communication unless agreed specifically with the client. We will provide these changes within 72 hours. 

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