Target engaging advertisements to the audience you want to reach.

When the majority of your customer base is online and using social media it makes sense that this is where your advertising needs to be.

PinkSquare Media has vast knowledge of online advertising management including Search, Social Media and Display.

We analyse your business to ensure your ads are targeting the correct demographics and procedures to ensure the best possible returns on your advertising campaign. Our highly skilled Graphic Designers create eye-catching imagery and videos to attract customers.

Search Advertising

Ensure your business is at the top of search engines either locally, nationally or even internationally with sponsored searches. Our team can help get your business found online cost effectively.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are filled with potential customers for your business. We can help you reach those customers with advertisements targeted to specific locations, interests and more.

Display Advertising

Reach your customers all over the web with engaging advertisements, specially targeted to who you want to see them. Even reach customers who have left your website and encourage them to re-visit.

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