A brilliant example of sending website content to a developer

One of the biggest problems for a website developer is not just waiting for content but when it does arrive, it’s sent it drips and drabs, different formats and most of the time does not make sense.

We set up a website content template which has now beenused by one of our new clients. We are impressed with the amount of information and how simple it is to convert onto the website.

The parts in italic are what he provided us.

Here is what he sent and how it was presented.

Web Build Content Template


Please provide us with colour schemes you like and provide links to websites you like to help us get an idea of how you would like your website to look. If you know hex codes for colours then add these here too.

Colour scheme

See logo.

Website research

  1. Brooks City London Accountants
  2. Hornby’s Accountants

*add more lines as required.


Please specify what names you would like your pages to be called (e.g. home, about us, services, contact page, etc). If you want pages under a subheading please indicate what subheading they are under (e.g. plumbing (under services)).

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Services
  4. Who We Help
  5. Statutory Accounts (Services)
  6. Bookkeeping (Services)
  7. Payroll (Services)
  8. Management Accounts (Services)
  9. VAT (Services)
  10. Cloud Accountancy (Services)

add more as needed


Things to consider:-

  • Ensure your content is your own work or you have permission to use it.
  • Aim to have your content over 400 words for each page (except contact page)
  • Try and use keywords that people might search for your business, service or product.
  • Ensure the content is related to your business and the specific page. Try not to be repetitive.
  • Think about what the customer wants to know about your business, service or product
  • Why is your business better than your competitors?
  • Do you have qualifications or awards?
  • Do you have any testimonials/reviews?
  • Make sure your content is not just about you. Tell the customer why you are good for them and how they will benefit from using you.
  • Contact details
  • Opening times
  • tagline/motto



RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd are a client-focused licensed accountancy company, based in Barrow-in-Furness, with the aim to help businesses make sense of their numbers. We can work completely remotely and virtually paperless, if required, meaning nothing getting lost in the post and secure storage in the cloud. By looking after the figures for you we save you time and cut out potentially costly mistakes. This saves you money in the long term and allows you to be do what you’re good at…your business!

Personalised Accounts Service

You can meet with your accountant as much, or as little, as you like. Whether you need a somebody to ‘hold your hand’ and look after all your bookkeeping and accounts or just someone to chat with regarding any issues you may be facing and to check over your own work, RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd can help you out. It’s a bespoke service to suit you and also help us to gain an understanding of how your business works.

Monthly Fees

A common complaint we hear from clients that come to see us is that their previous accountant has sprung a surprise bill on them, often for services that they did not realise they were getting. We will agree what services will be provided and offer a monthly fee so that everyone knows where they stand from one month to the next. There will be no year-end bill once your accounts are complete so you will know exactly what you will be paying from day one. This makes your financial planning much easier.

Small Business & Start-Up

RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd are passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses to grow their businesses. We are aware of the issues that small businesses face and endeavour to use our experience to help them get over them. We can provide you with peace of mind that your accounts and tax returns will be filed on time and avoid any nasty penalties.


About Us

Our Aim

Based in the Furness peninsular, we want to work alongside businesses and help them to achieve their goals and grow. We know how important and valuable a good bookkeeper and accountant is to a business.

What we do

At RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd we believe in a jargon-free, personal service for all our clients. We will decipher your numbers in a way to make them easy for you to understand and what they mean to your business.  We will look after all your bookkeeping and accounting needs and work together with you to help drive your business to new heights. Whether you are a new start-up, setting up your first business, or a well-established limited company with employees, RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd will be able to help you out.

Personalised Service

We believe that working with your accountant should be a pleasure, not a chore. We are friendly and approachable and adopt the attitude that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. This gives our clients the confidence to come to us with whatever issues they have knowing we will listen, not judge.

Clear Prices

You won’t be hit with unexpected bills by RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd. We will agree our services with you and you will pay a monthly fee, regardless of how long it takes us. No hourly billing, no nasty year-end surprises, just clear understandable pricing.

Constant Contact

Due to the way we work, we will be in touch with you on a regular basis. Gone are the days where your accountant calls you when your accounts are due asking for your paperwork for the whole year. We will work with you throughout the year and as a result we will understand where your business is at. This will allow us to identify any areas of concern early and help you resolve them. We can track your turnover on a monthly basis ensuring you do not cross the VAT threshold without knowing.



Statutory Accounts



Management Accounts




Who we help

We can help businesses across a number of industries. We don’t consider ourselves to just be your accountant but part of your business, helping you to drive forward and realise your potential.

Hospitality Trade

Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Pubs. We have extensive experience in the hospitality industry, helping businesses grow and realise their potential.


Sole traders and limited companies alike. We can look after people from all the trades and ensure they are kept compliant which includes any CIS due or suffered.

Small Businesses

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are often responsible for all areas of their business – RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd can help you by taking away the stress of your accounts.


When you start a new business, everything seems like a minefield. We can guide you through this, we’ve been there and experienced it ourselves.


Use your time to more effect and let us worry about the details of IR35. Don’t get bogged down with figures, concentrate on growing your business.

Property Investors/Estate Agents

Ensure you remain fully compliant with your HMRC duties whilst keeping yourself competitive in the market. 


Statutory Accounts

Preparing statutory accounts is a service we offer to keep businesses compliant in meeting their legal obligations.

We offer a bookkeeping service which can work hand-in-hand with accounts preparation or alternatively, we can use the records you keep.

We will ensure your accounts are submitted on time and conform to the necessary accounting standards according to the Companies House Act.

As part of this service we will also calculate and submit your Corporation Tax to HMRC.  Rest assured that all your responsibilities will be looked after in a timely and efficient manner.

Included in your statutory accounts are the following:

  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Bookkeeping (if required).
  • Interim management accounts (if required).
  • VAT administration (if required).

These statutory accounts can help us to identify areas that may be of concern and allow us, alongside yourself, to act in order to improve your business.


Bookkeeping Services

Keeping accurate records is a fundamental part of running any business. Too many business owners are spending too long on their bookkeeping duties. In reality, this is false economy. By spending this time on your bookkeeping you are taking time away from growing and developing your business. By outsourcing bookkeeping to RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd, not only will you eliminate errors but as a result you will have more time for your business. The result is more time, more money and no HMRC penalties.

We will:

  • Introduce systems for your invoices and receipts.
  • Correctly input all transactions to accounts.
  • Ensure records are accurate for tax returns.
  • Ensure records are ready in a timely manner.
  • Track turnover and monitor VAT threshold.
  • File VAT returns.
  • Set-up accounting software.
  • Advise on any deductions that could be made that may reduce the tax you owe.

You will get a service that suits your needs. After an initial meeting discussing what you need from us we will create a bespoke package for you. We will always be at the end of a phone or an email, without extra cost, to answer any queries and discuss your accounts. 



Payroll is an ever-changing landscape with untold complexities. For new businesses that are just starting to employ staff, it can be a daunting as well as time consuming experience.

RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd can take on your payroll for you, ensuring all your submissions are done correctly and on time and offer advice on aspects of payroll such as:

  • Minimum wage
  • Apprentice rates
  • Maternity pay
  • Sick pay
  • Redundancy
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Contracts
  • Pensions

We can take care of P45’s, P60’s and P11d’s not to mention SMP, SSP and CIS calculations amongst everything else your payroll may entail. Your company’s auto enrolment pension scheme is also in safe hands with us; we work with a number of auto enrolment providers and will set up your pension and have your contributions submitted on time. We constantly monitor changes in the industry and update our clients as necessary.

By leaving the admin to us it will relieve you, as the employer, of the stress of payroll. As an added bonus, you will know that all your staff will have the correct deductions to their pay and will contribute to a happier workplace and great atmosphere for all involved. 


Management Accounts

Getting regular management accounts will allow you to keep a tight grip on your business’ finances. Having the ability to see how your business is performing from one period to another will give you the freedom to make informed financial decisions with up to date and accurate figures.

We’re all unique and each of us has a different perception of what is the right way to do certain tasks, as well as how often we should revisit them. You can have your management accounts at agreed intervals to suit you. You might choose monthly, bi-monthly or just twice a year, if you like, it’s your decision.

We won’t just drop the management accounts in your inbox for you to try to muddle through either. You can opt to have the management accounts coincide with a face-to-face meeting (or video/phone call if it’s more convenient). If you feel you don’t need to see us, you will be sent a brief commentary which will decipher the figures, telling you exactly what they mean to you and your business.

Management accounts are a great tool to use to help you with your financial planning. They give you an accurate insight into your business at any given moment in time and can be used to compare against budgets for your business.

Small businesses and their owners often struggle to master their numbers as there are so many different jobs they need to do. Having access to management accounts is a fantastic way to negate this, they also allow you to set targets for following years as well as spot patterns in your trading history meaning you can better plan for fluctuations in future.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to make use of this service. We’re here to help you grow your business in a way you would like. 



As your small business and turnover grows, you will eventually need to register for VAT. Many small businesses do not realise at which point they cross the VAT threshold and as a result will become liable to penalties from HMRC.

RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd will take on this responsibility on your behalf. We will carefully track your turnover and let you know when you are approaching the threshold and help you to prepare for it. VAT can be extremely daunting with strict deadlines and due dates. The VAT service works perfectly with our monthly bookkeeping as we will be fully aware of your figures on a month-to-month basis. 

We will ensure your returns are submitted in a timely manner to avoid any penalties. They will be accurate so you do not overpay what you owe, and you may even have VAT to reclaim.


Cloud Accounting Solution

The cloud accounting revolution is responsible for the biggest shake-up in the accounting industry for over 20 years. We believe that as a forward-thinking accounts practice, cloud accounting software is the only way to go. Cloud accounting removes most of the need for paper and we are currently striving to be a paper-free practice in order to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We have access to some of the most popular software on the market where you will be free to log-in and view our accounts at any time. Some clients like to take care of their own bookkeeping and have us check over it on a monthly basis to ensure everything is being posted the correct account codes. The software is jargon free and is targeted to make it easier to understand for users that are not from an accounts background. 

Other clients prefer our experts to gather data and input the information to the software. You will still have access and the freedom to view the accounts whenever you like from wherever you like. Here at RSS Bookkeeping & Accounts Ltd, we recognise that everybody has a unique way of working and as such we will create a bespoke package for all our clients to suit their preferences.

Any documents that are uploaded will be stored securely in ‘the cloud’ and will be available for viewing at any time for anyone with access. With HMRC’s plans for Making Tax Digital in full swing, we are certain that cloud accounting is the best way forward to be ready for any changes. There is no need for costly desktop packages requiring daily back-ups, everything is at your fingertips on whichever device you choose.

Cloud accounting packages will allow you to:

  • Link automatic bank feeds to ensure up to date account balances
  • Reconcile bank accounts.
  • Create and send invoices.
  • Full reporting facilities.
  • Integrate with apps to snap and upload receipts and invoices.


Please ensure you have permission to use the images you provide us. All images should be at least 1920px wide (high definition).

Please ensure you rename all your images so we know where you want them and what they represent. Please put them in separate folders under the page heading.

We will not accept any images that have been pasted into a word document or email. They must be attached properly or sent to us using wetransfer or sharing via dropbox.

see separate email for images


Please send your logo in a png format. If available send it with a coloured background and also with a transparent background.

 see attachment for logo

Social Media

Please provide links to your social media accounts.

Facebook: https://fb.me/rssaccounts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rssbookkeepingaccounts/


add as required…


Documents to be uploaded to your website should be provided in pdf or docx format.

Videos should be provided as a link to Youtube or under 25mb in size.

Final thought

see the finished design at RSSAccounts.co.uk

This is the sort of thing, as a web developer, that is really impressive and will get you a website completed in a shorter amount of time.

Feel free to use our website build template (google docs).  Have your website content ready but want a designer. Have a look at our web design services.

Think there is a better example or template? Let us know in the comments.

Pink Square Media is a marketing company that specialises in online marketing. The information provided is correct on the date of publishing.

Have any more questions? feel free to leave a comment and we will answer the best we can.

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