5 Quick SEO Fixes

So you’ve got your website but nobody is clicking on it. Why? The answer is your website probably isn’t being found. These days being found on Google can be hard. That’s not because Google doesn’t want you to be found. It’s because the world wide web is so much bigger and constantly growing and changing. Getting ranked and found on Google takes time and effort. Hence why as a marketing company we offer to spend the time doing your search engine optimisation (SEO) for you. But sometimes you can’t afford it or you just want to do things yourself. So here are 5 quick SEO fixes that can help you rank better on google. When I say quick I mean things that you can do quickly that will improve your SEO in time.

1. Social Media

Some people do all their business on social media and some don’t even have it. “Nobody follows me so what’s the point”. Trust me being on social media and posting regularly matters. You may not have many followers but that’s not what you need to care about. Every time you post something and put your website on the post, this classes as a backlink.

This means there is another opportunity for people to find your website. Since it is on a reputable website, Google will like it. Get into the habit of posting regularly and making sure you put a link to a page on your website. Google has even stated that social media is important for your SEO, so listen to them.

2. Google Search Console

Make sure you have submitted to Google search console (if you are one of our customers, don’t worry, we have already done this for you). The important part of this is making sure your sitemap has been uploaded and is being found by Google. This lets you know that Google has found your website and is being indexed. It also lets you know if there are any pages that are not being found so you can fix them.

3. Video/blog


Google likes it when you have people staying on your website. For example, we’ve heard QR codes are coming back in a big way, so we have been promoting them. Making sure you have up to date interesting things for people to watch or read will keep them on longer and improve your rankings. Enough said.

4. Site speed

If your site takes a long time to load, Google won’t read it properly. That said, neither will people. Your “bounce rate” will increase and Google will punish you for this and drop your rank as it assumes your site is not of interest to people. A quick SEO fix is to reduce your image sizes on your website where possible.

You can do this by using different types of software such as photoshop, or even free on Canva. This will increase your load speed significantly. You can even use a plugin on WordPress such as smush to optimize your images.

5. Google my business for SEO

Probably the quickest fix for SEO you can get. Make sure you have registered to google my business so you can be found locally. This is a free link to your business and your website.

To be honest, it’s almost like a free website in itself. You can tell people where you are, put your contact details on and let people know your opening times. In fact, even if you don’t have a website, you should be registering your business to this. It’s not that difficult to do either. But if you need help with this, feel free to give us a call.

Doing these things will improve your website ranking. I can’t guarantee page one but you will see a significant improvement on where you are being found currently. That’s all Folks!!!!

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