10 free (or almost free) ways to promote your website

Is there a way to promote my website free?

Getting found on Google isn’t as easy as it used to be. Having a wonderful website doesn’t mean that your website is being found. To promote your website is to promote your business. Also promoting your website is about promoting your business’s personality. At the end of the day, your customers are buying you. So to get your website found here are our top ten tips to get your website in front of your potential customers, for free (or almost).

On-page SEO

The most obvious is ensuring your website contains keywords about your business so it can be found. This is not your business name, but what your business does. For small businesses, there is a great tool called Bulk Keyword Generator. This will help you generate long-tailed keywords for your business. 

That’s not the only thing you should do to your on-page SEO. Check out our 5 quick SEO fixes for more tips. 

Write blogs

Blog writing is a big part of content marketing. It’s not a way of selling yourself but offering information to potential customers to show you know what you are talking about. This is a great way of getting your website found by providing information people are looking for about your business.

A great website to use is “answer the public”. This can help you generate questions for your blog that people are asking about your type of business. For a photographer, for example, writing about why you use a certain camera compared to another camera can be interesting to people considering buying that camera. It might not be your target audience to generate customers but will show people that you understand cameras, which develops trust.

Social media

Social media is the perfect platform to show people your personality. This means you can encourage customers who have a similar personality. Sharing jokes about your sector or finding and sharing articles that interest you can build a good following. Flash deals are also great or competitions are good to share.

Each social media can be used differently. However, you should get in the habit of putting a link to your website. This is why blogging is a good idea, as you drive traffic to your site by sharing your blog on social media. You can use scheduling software like later to prepare your posts and use graphic design software such as Canva to create your posts.

Email marketing

Still considered one of the best approaches to lead generation and conversion is email marketing. You can encourage people to sign up by putting a newsletter follow on Facebook and your website. Your email can provide discounts for signing up, your latest blogs and promotions of your services. Mailchimp is a great email marketing management tool. It can help you set up scheduled emails, as well as autogenerated emails, for example, when people sign up they receive a thank you email.

Email signature

A very quick one. Ensure every email you send has your website as part of your signature. Most email management systems such as Gmail offer the ability to create an auto signature.

Leaflet drop

We might bang on about being digital, but there is nothing wrong with promoting your business and website using a traditional leaflet drop. OK, this isn’t exactly free but it is a cheap way to get noticed, especially if you are wanting to be recognised locally. Not sure where to start with a leaflet? Read our 10 graphic design tips. Another tip to promote your website is to put a qr-code on your leaflet. This will save people having to type your website into their phone.


Business card

Similar to the leaflet drop not really a free option but again a cheap start to share your website, business and contact details. Again, you can create a look that represents your personality and can use a QR-code for people to easily save your contact details and website.

Online directories

Although the yellow pages book no longer exists and the bt phone book is smaller than ever, online directories are still used by many. There are many free online directories, or at least many that offer a free business listing. Get your name on the big ones at least, such as yell.com, yelp.com and Cylex (to name a few). It’s an easy google search to find a huge list of free listing directories. Just be aware that they will most likely contact you with their own offers to encourage you to buy a paid listing and extras.

Create a free pdf

Probably something you could tie in with email marketing is to offer people a free ebook or pdf if they sign up to your email newsletter. People like free things and if you get it right then you will get a lot of people accessing your website as well as signing up to your newsletter.

Google my business

As with online directories, this is another free listing you should be utilising, especially if you have a local shop or front that people can visit. It’s your opportunity to be found when people ask for a “business near me” using Siri, Alexa or Google. It is easy to set up  and you can also verify your location with a verification code via a postcard. It’s another opportunity to have a link to your website. And this one is FREE!

All the above are ways of not only driving traffic to your website but inevitably will improve leads and conversion and promote your business. 

Have more ideas on how to promote your website free? Let us know in the comments.

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